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Don't Rebel Yell

Posted on 2017-02-24

There's a bit going on where protestors will go to Town Hall meetings held by Republican Congressfolk and make a ruckus. While I admire the enthusiasm, I do not think it'll do much good. These members of Congress are not in it for their constituents (I argue that members of either party are not in it for us), they are in Congress for greed and blind ideology.

Yell, call, and mail all you want. For some members, that will work and all in the area will be happy. For many though, it will not. There's no changing their minds, and yelling at public gatherings will just make them dig their heels in more then point at you saying you're the problem.

We are better off finding someone who want's to represent the people, but does not want to make a career of it, to run for office. Then we all work together (regardless of party) to elect that person because we know they will represent us and our well being.

Also get rid of gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is bullshit.