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Well-Written Goes a Long Way

Posted on 2017-02-26

My sons enjoy watching the Power Rangers. When I was a wee lad, I enjoyed watching the Power Rangers. It's a kids show. Kids like it.

However, the Power Rangers is poorly written. So very poorly written. Every scene with the suits off is cringe-worthy. And when the suits are on, the heroes make semi-nonsensical puns.

This doesn't have to be this way. There are good kids shows that are well written. Ones that I allow to be on more often. Just to clarify, I'm okay with campy. I enjoy my share of camp. But it should be good as well. For example, the latest Voltron series on Netflix is very much like the Power Rangers. Five heroes fight and get in big robots that form into a larger robot. It's a kids show and it's fun for the kids (with humor and slapstick and everything), but it's also well written. It's a great show that takes a goofy premise and does something fun that doesn't drive me crazy.

The Power Rangers are also getting a big block buster movie. It looks like they're doing what Bay did to the Transformers. Make it dark and full of difficult to follow action, which some racy humor and boobs for effect. In the case of Power Rangers, it's Ranger boobs. Ask any female athlete, they'll tell you. Nothing beats having your boobs in weird cone pods so that they can move around and hurt after a while. And those heels? Makes for better jumping.